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生肖中特什么意思 iQIYI, a provider of high-quality video and entertainment services in China, was established on April 22nd of 2010 in the spirit of “Joy & Quality”. Since its launch, iQIYI has actively promoted innovations in products, technologies, content and marketing to provide Chinese users with rich, smooth and high-definition online video experience. Currently, iQIYI has successfully built up a diversified business model to connect people with services including e-commerce, gaming, movie ticking, live streaming, online reading and so on.

iQIYI’s brand, perceived as high quality, fashionable and appealing to young people, is highly popular among the youth market in China. The company distributes abundant licensed movies, television series, variety shows, cartoons, etc., and at the same time produces high-quality original video content through the strategy of “iQIYI Production”.

Meanwhile, as a video website with massive number of paying subscribers in China, iQIYI encourages its users to pursue a quality life by promoting the concept of “a new form of affordable luxury” for VIP members. iQIYI also consistently provides a high volume of exclusive quality content for VIP members, extraordinary audio and visual experience and unique offline user services.

In 2014, iQIYI introduced “video brain” in the world – iQIYI Brain is based on searching and video data to understand human behaviors through content creation, production, operation and consumption. Thanks to the company’s sophisticated cloud computing technology, strong bandwidth reserve and a global video distribution network, iQIYI is able to provide better and intuitive video services for users. iQIYI has created a customer service value and methodology called “iJOYMarketing”. In the current “experience marketing era”, propelled by the twin drivers of technology and content, ROI will be completely transformed via multi-screen touch functions, innovative and original content, technological optimization, interactivity, e-commerce, and other pathways, helping clients winning in their business with a creative marketing strategy.

In the future, iQIYI will continue strengthening its diversified content repository and beefing up product experience and marketing services in order to improve the connections between the services and people who aspire for a better life.

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